Writing can be a long, lonely journey.

And when your book is finally done, navigating the labyrinth of publishing options can feel like an Odyssean task.

But hey, wouldn’t you rather like some company? I’ve got good news: You don’t have to make this journey alone!

Our Meetup is based in Austin, TX, but you can stream the videos for free on YouTube or from our website. Anyone is welcome to join the Meetup to be part of the conversation.

The Austin, TX Meetup

Indie Author Society, early meetingThe Indie Author Society also runs a local Meetup event. In fact, this little Meetup was the genesis for what the Indie Author Society has become. In this photo you can see us at one of the quiet early meetings (it’s a little more rowdy these days, but we’re still a pretty tame bunch).

There are over 600 members in the Meetup group now. Some authors drive HOURS just to be at events in Austin. Others, located in different time zones, tune in online.

Local events are organized twice a month through the Indie Author Society Meetup. Most of these events are free or funded by donations. Occasionally I’ll put on a bigger, better event and sell tickets to cover the cost of the venue, drinks, and incidentals.

Join the Austin, TX Meetup.

Who Created the Indie Author Society?

Matt Herron, indie author and found of the indie author societyThe Indie Author Society is organized by bestselling author Matt Herron.

Matt writes science fiction/thriller novels under the pen name MG Herron. His first novel, The Auriga Project, was published in 2015.

He also makes resources for authors. This website is one of them. Another is a how-to book for writers called Scrivener Superpowers.

He’s currently working on his third book.

Contact Matt.