Accounting and Tax Advice for Writers

This talk and the notes cover the following topics:

  • How to handle income and expenses when self-publishing
  • Advances and quarterly estimates and how to budget for quarterly estimates
  • The way to take advantage of travel expenses and the rules behind travel
  • Best way to track writing expenses and what it entails
  • Other tax deductions that are usually forgotten
  • Difference between LLC, S corporation, corporation, sole proprietorship, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Notes from the Talk

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About Mari Ramirez

Mari Ramirez CPAMari Ramirez is an experienced CPA who has been in public accounting for over 7 years. She has worked in various industries ranging from small to medium business models such as web developers, restaurants, retail stores, non-profits, real estate, and engineering firms. She is proficient in Quickbooks, ProSystems software, all Mac and Microsoft Office programs, EASY Accounting Professional Software, MYOB, and more.

Mari has received both a bachelors and a masters degree in Accounting and received The Humanitarian of The Year award from TAMIU in 2005 for her efforts to educate high school students on the political process. In 2011 she received her CPA license, but has been in the field long before.