How to Build a Better Book Pitch

As authors, we spend hundreds of hours writing, revising, agonizing over our books because they need to be awesome. But when it comes to talking about them with readers, other authors, or even friends and family, our minds blank out and we stumble through some un-interesting description off the top of our heads.

I got fed up with myself doing this and developed what I call a “lunch line pitch” for my projects. A lunch line pitch is a unique way to describe what you’re working on in 5 seconds that gets people actually interested and asking questions.

In my workshop, I’ll take a deep dive into what the Lunch Line Pitch is, how it will get you more readers, interest, and maybe even an agent, and lead a mini-workshop to help all in attendance build a first draft of their own Lunch Line Pitch.

Thanks to Scott James for the excellent presentation! You can see the original Meetup event here.

Lunch Line Pitch Handout

Download the Lunch Line Pitch handout to follow along and create a pitch for your own book or project.

About Scott James

Scott Andrew James teaches authors how to find readers in unexpected ways. He has help positions like Brand Manager for Greenleaf Book Group and Head Purpose-Finder at Avasta Press, and he has been cited in as one of “27 Masters of Marketing and PR Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From.” He co-developed the award-winning Underground Book Club at Attack! Marketing and frequently speaks at events like O’Reilly Tools of Change Author (R)evolution, PubCamp, and Greenleaf Author Summit.

Share Your Pitch

Did you use the Lunch Line Pitch method to craft your book pitch? Awesome! Please consider sharing your pitch with us in the comments to get feedback!