Design Thinking for Book Covers

Just as writing a book isn’t about slapping words on a page and calling it done, designing a book cover isn’t about slapping a font on a pretty picture and calling it a day. We’re going to be diving into the different aspects that go into a great book cover design, and busting some related myths as well.

This is not a talk that will give you any sort of cookie-cutter template to plug your info into for a cover. That would be a disservice to your writing! This talk is meant to help you think strategically and ego-freely about the cover approach that is best for your specific book.

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Design Thinking For Book Covers-Handout

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 About Amanda Guerassio

amanda-guerassio-medAmanda Guerassio is the woman behind Studio Guerassio, a design & branding company dedicated to helping people and businesses find their visual voice. She’s got a design degree and 10 years of experience as an independent designer under her belt. Amanda works widely within the creative & lifestyle sectors (aka. the fun stuff), on everything from whiskey labels to magazines to logos. She has a particular soft spot for all things book-related. As an avid bookworm, library volunteer, and hobbyist book reviewer, she’s got books in her blood. Amanda does professionally commissioned book covers, and also redesigns the covers of some of her favorite classic books just for fun.

You can find her website here (check out her design bundle specifically for authors), or catch her on Twitter.