Hiring and Managing Freelancers

Freelancers can be both a gift and a curse to a small business (like the indie author business!), but it doesn’t have to be that way. We will talk through why many people struggle with hiring and managing freelancers effectively. 

Understanding the freelance business model is key to solving the mystery of how to work with them; aligning your projects and expectations is what opens the door. We will go through where to look for freelancers and how to mitigate your risks to ensure a successful project. Bring your questions so we can identify how to use this advice in different situations.

Thanks to Emily Leach for the excellent presentation! You can see the original Meetup event here.

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About Emily Leach

Emily Leach photo

Emily Leach is a pioneer in the world of uniquely-talented people who feel empowered to go beyond conventional jobs and create businesses from unique vantage points and perspectives. She is the founder of the Texas Freelance Association, the first statewide association of freelance workers in the country and The Freelance Conference, the only event of its kind poised to become THE conference for freelancers across the nation.

Her belief that those working for themselves deserve the same respect as those working for major corporations drives her tireless fight to ensure this growing population of “genetically unemployable” solo-preneurs are represented and offered some of the same opportunities as those working for large corporations.

Because of her knowledge and expertise, Emily has been a leading-edge organizer and speaker for TEDx events throughout the Southwest. Visit her website at www.emilyleach.com.