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Opening Event for “Indie Publishing Austin”

I started a new meetup and I want to tell you about it. It’s called Indie Publishing Austin.

But the truth is I can’t tell you much because it hasn’t started yet. I don’t know what it’s going to become, but I’m excited beyond reason. Enthusiasm for the event has been overwhelming. I feel like a little kid in a Best Buy. Look at all the shiny new things!

*B lines straight for the video game section*

The format will be determined by the outcome of the first event, where 25 of us will be collaborating on topic discovery and starting to figure out what it is we want to learn, discover, and create. Everything is on the table: writing, editing, cover design, formatting, marketing, author platform, you name it.

Here’s my contribution for the first meeting: notice how I used “indie publishing” in the name instead of the more common “self publishing?” That was intentional. I want you to think of the whole business of independent publishing (encompassing all topics mentioned above, and those as yet unknown!) not as a passing fad, but as the newest permutation in a long history of indie publishing endeavors. Yeah, I know the landscape has changed. Self publishing is the new frontier; Amazon, ebooks, bla bla bla. I get it. But just because the tech is new, just because the landscape has changed, doesn’t mean I can’t learn from the industry that has been pumping out independently published books for years. I have a degree in literature, not publishing. What trade secrets, what time tested principles that indie publishers have been diligently applying over the last century, can I glean from these events? That’s what I want to learn most right now.

What about you?

If you’re in the Austin area and want to join us, get in touch with me somehow or just RSVP for the next event you see.

I’ll post updates here when I have more to share.


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