How to Sell Your Books Automagically With Smart Funnels

Every author wants to sell books on autopilot, but unfortunately, too many authors end up trying to shill their latest titles on social media, or places with uncaring audiences. Building smart funnels will help you to get more attention on every book you write, and turn casual readers into life long fans. 

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About Sean Platt

Sean Platt is founder of the Sterling & Stone Story Studio. Along with partners Johnny B. Truant and David W. Wright, he hosts the weekly Self-Publishing Podcast (along with several other shows), openly sharing his journey as a leading author-entrepreneur and publisher.

He’s qualified to talk about this because Sean is also the bestselling co-author of 60 books, including breakout post-apocalyptic horror serial Yesterdays Gone, literary mind-benderAxis of Aaron, and the blockbuster sci-fi series, Invasion. Never one for staying inside a single box for long, he also writes smart stories for children under the pen name Guy Incognito, and laugh out loud comedies which are absolutely not for children.

The Sterling & Stone Story Studio is also responsible for the Fiction Unboxed project, where Sean and Johnny wrote a book live in front of a 1,000 people, going from no concept to finished book in 30-days. Together with StrangeWind Studios, Sterling & Stone has also built StoryShop, a first of its kind story planning app, to help today’s and tomorrow’s storytellers write better stories faster.

Sean is often spotted taking long walks, eating brisket with his fingers, or watching movies with his family in Austin, Texas. You can find him at

About Johnny B. Truant

Johnny B. Truant is a partner in the Sterling & Stone Story Studio and along with partners Sean Platt and David W. Wright hosts the weekly Self Publishing Podcast, openly sharing his journey as an author-entrepreneur and publisher.

Johnny wrote the groundbreaking Fiction Unboxed project, writing and publishing a complete novel in 30 days in front of a live audience.

Johnny is also the bestselling author of the Fat Vampire series and the co-author of cult hit Unicorn Western, the political sci-fi thriller The Beam, and many more. Over the past few years, Johnny has published over four million words, all produced on a keyboard held together by duct tape.

Johnny and his family are thrilled to finally call Austin, Texas their home after far too many years of planning to move and complaining about life in northern Ohio. You can usually find him hanging out at