The Amazing New Indie Author Marketing Platform That You Totally Never Heard Of!

John McLean, globetrotter and author of 9 nonfiction books, will join us on Sunday November 6th, 2016 to discuss Amazon’s exciting new program, Merch By Amazon.

Merch is doing for t-shirts what KDP did for books—creating a platform for content-creators to upload their work and monetize it without any upfront costs. In this case, the content is for POD (Print-on-Demand) t-shirts.

Originally created for Game and App Developers, Merch has been taken over by traditional online marketers who have no connection to the game/app world, many of whom are absolutely killing it by producing a high volume of POD t-shirts for Amazon customers to discover and purchase. So far, it doesn’t seem like ANY indie authors have discovered Merch yet—and so they are missing out on a number of unique opportunities to expand their customer base, grow their brand AND create an additional income stream beyond their books.

Merch By Amazon is NOT open to the public, but by INVITATION ONLY. John McLean will explain exactly how you can get an invitation from Amazon to join the program, and then how to use it to build a wonderful competitive advantage over other indie (and traditional, for that matter) authors who remain totally unaware of this new platform from Amazon.

In addition, John McLean will explain how you can take your t-shirt designs and then turn THAT into its own stand-alone book by using Amazon’s free Comic Book Creator Tool—which was designed exclusively for picture/photography/art books for sale via Amazon. So, lots of swell, unique marketing ideas for you at this meet-up from John McLean—stopping through Austin on his way to Helsinki, Finland.

Thanks to John for his time and the presentation. The original event can be found on

John McLean travel for writers Merch by Amazon

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